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This is a very old Tussauds Wax Work Head of Jimmy Edwards best known for his role as 1950s headmaster “Professor” James Edwards in Whack-O! and Take It From Here’s Pa Glum. He served in the Royal Air Force in WW2 where hid Dakota was shot down in 1944 from which he suffered facial injuries which he disguised with his large trademark handlebar moustache. He was also a member of the famous Guinea Pig Club once described by its founder Archibald McIndoeas as the most exclusive club in the world. The wax work is wonderful, he has some age old damage around the neck but the turned wooden stand supports him nicely so that he stands proud. I have shown the damage in the pictures but this can be easily disguised with a silk tie (also included). He has striking blue glass eyes and great hair and stands 38cms tall. A rare and highly collectable piece.

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