Vintage Macabre Obstetric Instruments Set

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A fantastic & gruesome collection of Antique & Vintage Medical Obstetric Instruments. A medical kit once used for obstetrics and fetal destruction. As caesarean section became safer and more common with the advent of anesthetics and antiseptic techniques, the use of these gruesome instruments diminished. Presented in a large medical Steel Sterilizing Box, there are 19 instruments in all. Among them there is an Obstetric Hook & Crochet, dressing, artery and sponge holding forceps, hysterectomy clamps, perforator, catheter, vulsellum forceps, speculum, speculae with parallel adjustment and a fistula probe & hook. Box measures 44 x 10.5 x 8.5cms with legs folded. Hand & torso used for scale only.

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