Vintage Embryolgy Birth Defects 35mm Slide Set

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This is a morbidly fascinating set of 100 vintage 35mm Slides showing Anomalies & Birth Defects. The majority of the slides illustrate the clinical & post-delivery (or post-mortem) appearance of children afflicted with congenital anomalies and malformations, with a minority presenting historical photographs, a few depictions of these deformations in classical art, gross pathology specimens, and radiographs (X-rays). All the slides are sequentially numbered and correspond to a spiral-bound descriptive manual offering a paragraph or so describing & explaining each picture. The set was produced by The Dayton Lab Corporation (mid 1980s) though many of the images appear from prior decades. The set is in pristine condition & the photos taken holding the slides up to natural light. A slide projector would obviously do a better job. These slides are certainly not for the faint hearted, some of the images would be very disturbing to most folk. They do however make you feel very grateful.


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