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This is a fabulous Vintage 300 Series Call Exchange Bakelite Telephone from the 1940s/ 1950s period. It has been professionally converted for modern day use with a BT plug. The Call Exchange button used in the good old days of shared party lines is now defunct but the badge & the button provide a lovely original feature which is much sought after. The phone has a very loud nostalgic ring and a drawer at the front which holds its certificate of authenticity from when it was purchased in 1994. The phone is in good condition with no damage. It stands 15cms high and measures 24cms wide including the receiver.

In full working order, however please check that your current telephone provider supports pulse dialing as with all these old phones there are still some limitations you need to be aware of. I have included frequently asked questions below to help:

Will a properly converted phone work on my telephone line?

•Yes, if you have a BT line. Even if you pay your line rental through companies such as sky your line is still a BT line.

•No, if your phone line is provided by a cable provider such as Virgin Media, TalkTalk or Telewest. The phone will still ring and receive calls but you will be unable to dial out. The phone will most likely be able to dial but we cannot guarantee 100%, this will depend on the cable provider’s line fault tolerance for old phones using pulse dialing.

Are there any other limitations if I have a BT line?

•You will not be able to use the phone to dial * or #

•It would be wishful thinking to believe you will be successful at navigating through an automated telephone system, such as telephone banking. We would recommend you keep a spare modern phone in the house just in cases.

That said, most of us use our mobiles for the fancy stuff these days and it is just nice to have an old phone plugged in to add a bit of nostalgia and something that you can actually still hear in the garden!


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