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This is an exceptionally rare View-master set from 1976, and arguably the most unusual.  Not for children’s eyes!  The reels contain some highly graphic imagery, but these were made for medical purposes. Written by Thomas P. Lowry, M.D. and Thea Snyder Lowry, M.A.  Both were co-directors of the Marital Therapists Training Project, California State Department of Health. Hardbound book published in 1976 with 4 View-Master reels.

As stated in the introduction, “This collection of readings represents an attempt to assemble what is known, to offer possible interpretations, and suggest areas for future research,” the chapters are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of the Human Clitoris
  3. Comparative Anatomy of the Clitoris
  4. Neurophysiology of the Clitoris
  5. Modern Conceptions of Corpora Cavernosa Function in the Vagina and Clitoris
  6. Cytochemistry of Clitoral Sensory Nerve Endings
  7. Some Issues in the Histology of the Clitoris
  8. Pathology of the Clitoris
  9. Surgery of the Clitoris
  10. An Anthropological View of Clitoral and other Female Genital Mutilations
  11. Some Notes of the Etymology of the word “Clitoris”
  12. Reflections on the Etymology of “Clitoris” in Arabian Sexual Lore
  13. The Cultural Psychology of the Clitoris
  14. Perspectives on Anorgasmia: Toward a Female Phenomenology
  15. Varieties of Sexual Experience
  16. Stereoscopic Illustrations

Both book & reels are immaculate and included is a Sawyer’s View-Master Viewer – Model C, US made and dates to early 1950s. The viewer has a stunning art deco style and comes in original box. These very rarely come up for sale, and is simply a must have for any serious Medical or View-master collector.

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