Rare Levi’s Medical Splints


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Beautiful original Boxed Antique Medical Splints from the 19th Century. Patents 1887/8. The box contains seven splints:

No.3 – Humerus splint

No.6 – Adult & Child maxilla splints

No.5 – Adult & Child Clavicle Splint

No.1 – (Right arm) radius splint

No.2 – Articulated adjustable angular elbow splint

The splints are made of brass with a bright chrome coating and all are heavily pierced for attachment and comfort in fitting.  The elbow splint has a heavy knurled knob to allow a range of adjustments.  The splints are stamped with their respective numbers and the child’s humerus splint has the original manufacturers label attached. Original wooden box measures 43cm x 17.5cm x 17cm. The box has a heavy white metal swivel handle to the lid and a circular white metal clasp to the front.  The lid is secure on its white metal hinges and opens to show the original manufacturers card on the inside of the lid.  This details the contents, their uses, prices and patents.  These splints look amazing attached to prosthetics, heads and hand not included – shown for display and for scale only.

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