Post Mortem Autopsy Salesman Sample Case



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Rare Vintage Salesman Sample Briefcase filled with Post Mortem Autopsy Equipment which would have been taken to Morgues to show them what tools were on offer. The case includes the following array of fine morbid instruments all in pristine condition:
Post Mortem Saw with 22cm blade
Bowel Scissors
Dissecting Scissors, screw joint 13cms
Post Mortem Scissors, heavy quality
Chain Dissecting Hooks
Skull Breaker
Post Mortem Chisel
Post Mortem Hammer
Dissecting Forceps
Scapels 15 & 18cm
Blow Pipe
Catlin Post Mortem Knife
Cartlidge Knife
Spine Wrench
It originates from the US and dates from around the 1970s. The case is in good condition, one clasp is loose but this does not detract. Case measures 49 x 36 x 7cms. A rare item for the serious collector. Price includes shipping to the UK only.


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