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Very early Antique Museum Taxidermy Specimen of a Dissected Bird. Glass on both sides of the wooden case with old labels still attached. The internal organs are all hand crafted and hand painted, the taxidermy side of the bird is extremely weathered from its past study life. It was in this condition when I bought it from Italy at least 15 years ago and it is regularly sprayed to preserve it from further damage. The case is primitive, the fixed base of the bird (which I believe to be a peewit) is plaster. The case measures 49cms tall, 39cms wide and 16cms deep. The condition is ancient, it is 100% original and unrestored, a wonderful and rare item which dates from early to mid 19th century maybe even earlier. Very crude and wonderfully macabre.

I would prefer not to ship internationally due to its fragile nature but I can tape up the glass & pack well in a double box if you are willing to take the risk.

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