Early Macabre Bisected Anatomy Head



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Extremely old (around 1940s) life-size anatomy model of the head and neck that has been sectioned into 2 halves. Made by the Denoyer-Geppert Company, USA. The interior once displayed details of the brain, nose, mouth and throat but these are now corroded with age. You can still buy this model today, but does it look this good (strange good). If it’s a perfect model that you are looking for then this is definitely not for you. Made from some sort of composite, this has corroded over time and the model now looks and feels like lightweight metal, it has holes on the inside, the paint is flaking and he also perspires in different temperatures (he is strange beyond words but this only adds to his charm) He looks great in a bowler hat and has featured in many S&H adverts & features. Extremely striking model and very photogenic. Measures approx. 37cms wide and stands 32cms high.

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