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(Taken from “Antique Medical Instruments” by Elizabeth Bennion).

In days when a bottle of claret a day was both modest and commonplace, the use of a tongue scraper the next morning was desirable. ‘A furred tongue’, wrote a Victorian writer, ‘is very common in the case of people who smoke much. When the fur is white, thickish, and tolerably uniform and moist, it usually indicates an open, active state of the fever, in which, though the symptoms may possibly be violent, there is little danger of any lurking mischief or of a malignant tendency. A yellowish hue of the fur is commonly indicative of disordered liver. A brown or black tongue is a bad sign, usually indicating a low state of the system and a general condition of depression.’ Tongue scrapers, it will be seen, were much needed and appeared either as part of a toilet service, or separately from the early eighteenth century onwards.


This lovely old Tongue Scraper comes with original case measuring 7 x 5cms and carries a Reg. No. 104099. Rare collectable.

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