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Rare and beautiful circa 1910’s Schoenhut ‘Humpty Dumpty Circus’ Wooden Donkey.

The ‘Humpty Dumpty Circus’ was created by Schoenhut & Sons Ltd, Philadelphia, USA in 1903 and quickly became one of America’s most recognisable toys. Starting with a limited range of clowns and animals, the range expanded rapidly to include the ringmaster, acrobats, strongmen, and exotic animals. Unfortunately, the Great Depression of 1929 forced Schoenhut into ‘economy measures’ and production slowed and a smaller ‘reduced size’ range was created. This however was not enough to prevent Schoenhut closing its operations for good in 1935. Most of these toys are owned by American Toy Museums

The donkey still has both of his leather ears and his felt mane (often missing). The paintwork to his face and body is still very good and bright with only minor paint cracking. The donkeys twine tail is still intact and wound. His stringing is very good so he can still stand and balance and raise his head. He stands 21cms tall and measures 24cms long.


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