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A barbaric Antique Hippo Harpoon. Hand forged with age old patination. Historically the hippo was sadly hunted for their meat, skin, fat, teeth & tusks. The hunter is commonly depicted on a small boat with his arm extended backwards, holding a harpoon about to throw it. The full harpoon consisted of a wooden shaft tied to the metal harpoon tip that separated from the shaft once the animal was hit, but remained in the flesh. A rope connected to the tip is frequently seen hanging down from the harpoon. The hunter often grasps several ropes already attached to the hippo from previous throws. Small floats were attached to the ropes indicating the hippo’s location if it retreated under water. A hippo opens its mouth to bare its teeth when threatened, giving hunters the opportunity to strike the poor animal where it’s most vulnerable. An unusual & rare display only artefact. Measures 33cms long. Torso & Rubber Annie shown for scale.

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