A Fine c.1880 Carved Bone Dice Shaker


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A beautiful handmade carved bone Scrimshaw dice shaker with playing card decoration, the Maritime King of Spades is the sliding cover which opens to reveal six tiny bone dice inside. It is a lovely tactile thing in superb condition, there are natural blemishes to the bone but no cracks or chips. Measures 3.5 x 3.5cms.

All you need now is a drinking partner willing to indulge in a game of Ship, Captain, and Crew. The object of which is to roll a six (the “ship”), a five (“captain”), and a four (“crew”) with three dice, and get the highest score with the other two dice (“the ship’s cargo”). Alternatively, the game may be played for antes placed in a pot. Any amount can be predetermined for ante to the pot for each round with winner taking all or the pot going forward in the case of a tie.

Money and ale fer all ye landlubbers.



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