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(Medical | ID: 2655)
Not something you get to see every day. This is a vintage... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2654)
Once used in a Catholic Church or chapel sanctuary for... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2653)
A complete Medical Human Half Male Skeleton complete with... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2651)
An outstanding early Vintage Punch Puppet by the renowned... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2650)
Great looking old leather Billy Club. Measures 54cms long... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2647)
Lovely Vintage Skipping Rope with Wooden and Metal Bobbin... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2646)
Who can remember these, if you can’t, ask your dad who is... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2644)
Vintage Punch & Judy’s JUDY Puppet made by Bryan Clarke.... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2643)
This is an ancient barbaric looking nose gripping Bull... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2640)
I love this almost as much as Hyde who has already tried to... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2639)
This Bird on a Bike sets his hat spinning like a helicopter... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2638)
Very large and striking Antique Fetish Head Figure. It... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2636)
A trio of collectable engineering memorabilia. Three old... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2635)
Gruesome set of Spanish Flesh Shears. They measure 30cms... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2634)
A great looking Bobby. Punch & Judy’s Policeman Puppet... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2632)
Rare vintage prosthetic made for a male patient with three... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2631)
This is a set of fine yet ‘Barbaric’ veterinary... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2630)
Quirky set of four real insects set in Lucite. Perfect for... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2629)
Rare vintage WW2 leather ligatures pouch made by Johnson &... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2627)
Beautiful Bronze Antique Tribal Leopard Head originating... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2625)
Once used in a Catholic Church or chapel sanctuary for... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2623)
Vintage Wood Handle Horse Clippers by Charles Rapid Brown.... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2620)
Genuine Victorian Human Glass Eye complete with Vintage... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2619)
Quirky Vintage Telephone Sign mounted on wood. Measures 43... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2616)
Very quirky German Clockwork Table Bell which would have... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2614)
Lovely old original Fez Hat. Inside measurements are 21 x... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2613)
Very unusual brass mounted Horse Hoof Doorstop. Very well... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2612)
Beautifully mounted French 75mm Beehive Fuse from The Somme... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2611)
A Vintage Artist piece. Small clay Horse Head. Very naïve... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2609)
This is a very good quality Human Skeletal Hand Model. Hard... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2605)
Lovely old life-size Male Anatomical Penis Model. Hand... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2604)
A beautiful WW1 Trenchart Crucifix Cross made in the... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2602)
Beautiful Tiny Victorian Childs Leather Boots. They measure... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2601)
If you ever wondered how they made them years ago?
Vintage... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2600)
Bowler Hat made by Christys of London size 6 ¾. Very well... (more)

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(Taxidermy | ID: 2599)
A great set of Vintage trophy Horns on deep hard wood... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2596)
A beautiful pair of all original Antique Amber Chemist... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2592)
Pair of Antique 19th Century hand carved Gothic French... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2586)
This isn’t really a Time Machine but I thought it was a... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2582)
Lovely old Optometrist Trial Lens Set in original wooden... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2581)
Flat Foot, Normal Foot & Arched Foot. A great threesome.... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2572)
Never seen another one of these, genuine old enamel sign... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2569)
Early Bee Hive Smoker with leather bellow in working order.... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2567)
Old Optometrist Lens Set complete with various old lenses &... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2562)
This is a quirky Head once used in a Tussauds style museum.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2561)
This superb looking Vintage Study Chart would look... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2560)
A perfect genuine vintage gift from anyone that still loves... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2559)
This strange painting caught my eye …you think it is an... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2558)
In Victorian times the streets were a dangerous place, many... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2554)
A quirky little frame style metal Desk Calendar. The... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2552)
WW2 British Civilian Gas Mask perfect for display on a head... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2551)
Gruesome Obstetrical Instrument known as the Cranioclast.... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2547)
A pair of rare intricately carved wooden Jester Heads. They... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2546)
This is a beautiful fully working pair of singing & moving... (more)

2546_1_th.jpg 2546_2_th.jpg 2546_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2545)
This was a deep sea find off the coast of Spain. You can... (more)

2545_1_th.jpg 2545_2_th.jpg 2545_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2544)
Lovely old hallmarked solid silver Capstan Inkwell. It has... (more)

2544_1_th.jpg 2544_2_th.jpg 2544_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2542)
A vintage calendar made for Pritchett & Gold and E.P.S. Co.... (more)

2542_1_th.jpg 2542_2_th.jpg 2542_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2539)
Old Vintage Jewelers Loupe Headband. Fully adjustable and... (more)

2539_1_th.jpg 2539_2_th.jpg 2539_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2537)
A beautifully made trench art style treasure box made from... (more)

2537_1_th.jpg 2537_2_th.jpg 2537_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2536)
A fantastic & gruesome collection of Antique & Vintage... (more)

2536_1_th.jpg 2536_2_th.jpg 2536_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2531)
A pair of quality cased Cross Cylinders by the London... (more)

2531_1_th.jpg 2531_2_th.jpg 2531_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2530)
Articulated Real Human Skeleton whose tag identifies him as... (more)

2530_1_th.jpg 2530_2_th.jpg 2530_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2528)
Bigger is often better and this Amp Meter is large.... (more)

2528_1_th.jpg 2528_2_th.jpg 2528_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2527)
A superb vintage medical collectable. This rare prosthetic... (more)

2527_1_th.jpg 2527_2_th.jpg 2527_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2526)
This superb looking Vintage Study Chart would look... (more)

2526_1_th.jpg 2526_2_th.jpg 2526_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2522)
A highly polished Black 100% Fine Fur Felt Dressage Top... (more)

2522_1_th.jpg 2522_2_th.jpg 2522_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2520)
Very striking oversized Vintage Anatomy Eye Model. Wooden... (more)

2520_1_th.jpg 2520_2_th.jpg 2520_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2519)
An old 1940s Vintage Fox Tail mounted with a HULL 12... (more)

2519_1_th.jpg 2519_2_th.jpg 2519_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2516)
This is a very rare 1960s oversized lifelike model of a... (more)

2516_1_th.jpg 2516_2_th.jpg 2516_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2514)
I am pleased to sell this Vintage Rodent Guillotine as a... (more)

2514_1_th.jpg 2514_2_th.jpg 2514_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2512)
Original solid wood Antique Milliners Hat Block. A very... (more)

2512_1_th.jpg 2512_2_th.jpg 2512_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2508)
Hand sculptured stone like Head. Measures 7cms high & 9cms... (more)

2508_1_th.jpg 2508_2_th.jpg 2508_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2507)
This is a fine Vintage 1920's Bakelite Bioform Teeth... (more)

2507_1_th.jpg 2507_2_th.jpg 2507_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2504)
Antique vintage black silk collapsible top hat from the... (more)

2504_1_th.jpg 2504_2_th.jpg 2504_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2502)
Never miss a beat with this superb original vintage... (more)

2502_1_th.jpg 2502_2_th.jpg 2502_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2499)
Great looking Vintage Anatomy Model by the Nystrom... (more)

2499_1_th.jpg 2499_2_th.jpg 2499_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2491)
Very large soft natural Linen Cushion perfect for anyone... (more)

2491_1_th.jpg 2491_2_th.jpg 2491_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2484)
Seven Antique Stonemason Letter Moulds that will spell out... (more)

2484_1_th.jpg 2484_2_th.jpg 2484_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2479)
Quirky Vintage Dairy Thermometer with its original wooden... (more)

2479_1_th.jpg 2479_2_th.jpg 2479_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2477)
The Ages of the Horse from 6 years to Extreme Old Age by... (more)

2477_1_th.jpg 2477_2_th.jpg 2477_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2474)
Rare old brass adjustable Victorian Toasting Fork. It... (more)

2474_1_th.jpg 2474_2_th.jpg 2474_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2473)
Real bone Jesus Fragment. Measures 15.5cms long. A... (more)

2473_1_th.jpg 2473_2_th.jpg 2473_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2472)
A great looking Human Half Skeleton for medical study. It... (more)

2472_1_th.jpg 2472_2_th.jpg 2472_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2471)
Very quirky Head once used for medical students to practice... (more)

2471_1_th.jpg 2471_2_th.jpg 2471_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2470)
The dark and the light. These are a great pair of wooden... (more)

2470_1_th.jpg 2470_2_th.jpg 2470_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2466)
This is a very charming vintage 1940s Butterick Simplicity... (more)

2466_1_th.jpg 2466_2_th.jpg 2466_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2464)
Tiny & rare Vintage False Hand made for a small child.... (more)

2464_1_th.jpg 2464_2_th.jpg 2464_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2461)
Superb Vintage Biker Goggles in great condition. Heads... (more)

2461_1_th.jpg 2461_2_th.jpg 2461_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2460)
A medical instrument used to examine the anus and lower... (more)

2460_1_th.jpg 2460_2_th.jpg 2460_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2459)
Made for two to five year old children this quirky red and... (more)

2459_1_th.jpg 2459_2_th.jpg 2459_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2456)
A beautiful display of Ammonites from the cretaceous period... (more)

2456_1_th.jpg 2456_2_th.jpg 2456_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2455)
A fantastic set of vintage gynecology instruments in... (more)

2455_1_th.jpg 2455_2_th.jpg 2455_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2449)
Rare Victorian Brass Military D Ring Kitbag Padlock. Comes... (more)

2449_1_th.jpg 2449_2_th.jpg 2449_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2445)
I loved this on sight. A small very old Clay Negro Head. He... (more)

2445_1_th.jpg 2445_2_th.jpg 2445_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2443)
This is a rare Mini Dilator set, one slightly dented handle... (more)

2443_1_th.jpg 2443_2_th.jpg 2443_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2442)
Vintage WW2 British Civilian Duty Gas Mask. Dated Dec 1939.... (more)

2442_1_th.jpg 2442_2_th.jpg 2442_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2441)
Rare leather tape measure for measuring a horse. Measures... (more)

2441_1_th.jpg 2441_2_th.jpg 2441_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2438)
This is a rather bizarre vintage medical lot to help babies... (more)

2438_1_th.jpg 2438_2_th.jpg 2438_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2436)
A great vintage set of large Simpson Birthing Forceps with... (more)

2436_1_th.jpg 2436_2_th.jpg 2436_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2434)
Beautiful large old wooden crucifix with plaster Christ.... (more)

2434_1_th.jpg 2434_2_th.jpg 2434_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2433)
Very rare MILEX Demo Model showing the Travel of Egg from... (more)

2433_1_th.jpg 2433_2_th.jpg 2433_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2426)
A great set of old & well used Goggles. BS679-3-GW-FILTREX... (more)

2426_1_th.jpg 2426_2_th.jpg 2426_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2419)
Whether you are a collector of the macabre and unusual or a... (more)

2419_1_th.jpg 2419_2_th.jpg 2419_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2415)
A unique medical collectable, a vintage prosthetic false... (more)

2415_1_th.jpg 2415_2_th.jpg 2415_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2412)
A fascinating cased set of Vintage German Medical... (more)

2412_1_th.jpg 2412_2_th.jpg 2412_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2410)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Kitten... (more)

2410_1_th.jpg 2410_2_th.jpg 2410_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2409)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2409_1_th.jpg 2409_2_th.jpg 2409_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2408)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2408_1_th.jpg 2408_2_th.jpg 2408_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2407)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2407_1_th.jpg 2407_2_th.jpg 2407_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2406)
A complete set of Medical Urethral Sounding Rods in... (more)

2406_1_th.jpg 2406_2_th.jpg 2406_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2402)
A Vintage Prosthetic Large Finger displayed with a retro... (more)

2402_1_th.jpg 2402_2_th.jpg 2402_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2400)
Each wooden last has a story of its past and shows the... (more)

2400_1_th.jpg 2400_2_th.jpg 2400_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2399)
There is a childs prosthetic penis cast, what looks like a... (more)

2399_1_th.jpg 2399_2_th.jpg 2399_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2398)
A gruesome pair of 6 Prong Surgical Retractors. They... (more)

2398_1_th.jpg 2398_2_th.jpg 2398_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2395)
A very old Antique Horse Hair Barristers Wig presented on a... (more)

2395_1_th.jpg 2395_2_th.jpg 2395_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2389)
A fine WW2 nesting style Medical Trocar by makers Down... (more)

2389_1_th.jpg 2389_2_th.jpg 2389_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2388)
A great set of obstetric Birthing Calipers. They measure... (more)

2388_1_th.jpg 2388_2_th.jpg 2388_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2386)
A great vintage set of small & unusually shaped Birthing... (more)

2386_1_th.jpg 2386_2_th.jpg 2386_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2376)
Quirky wooden Sign bearing the name WALLHURST. Measures... (more)

2376_1_th.jpg 2376_2_th.jpg 2376_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2372)
A pair of Cased professionally made Vintage Microscope... (more)

2372_1_th.jpg 2372_2_th.jpg 2372_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2362)
This is a rare and unique collection of German World War II... (more)

2362_1_th.jpg 2362_2_th.jpg 2362_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2360)
Not something you see everyday. This is a highly... (more)

2360_1_th.jpg 2360_2_th.jpg 2360_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2345)
For those of you with a Big Heart, this superb Vintage... (more)

2345_1_th.jpg 2345_2_th.jpg 2345_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2342)
The diaphragm method of contraception was the most popular... (more)

2342_1_th.jpg 2342_2_th.jpg 2342_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2340)
This is a truly superb life size Vintage Human Skeleton... (more)

2340_1_th.jpg 2340_2_th.jpg 2340_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2339)
A vintage study box by Philip Harris Biological Ltd of the... (more)

2339_1_th.jpg 2339_2_th.jpg 2339_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2330)
We are proud to offer from our private collection, NUTTY,... (more)

2330_1_th.jpg 2330_2_th.jpg 2330_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2322)
A fantastic and very large Original BR Enamel GENTLEMEN... (more)

2322_1_th.jpg 2322_2_th.jpg 2322_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2321)
A lovely working Silver Hunting Whistle. It has its... (more)

2321_1_th.jpg 2321_2_th.jpg 2321_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2311)
Old Vintage Betting Shop / Races Poster in original Frame.... (more)

2311_1_th.jpg 2311_2_th.jpg 2311_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2310)
A beautiful Antique Ventriloquist Dummy Head. He measures... (more)

2310_1_th.jpg 2310_2_th.jpg 2310_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2308)
A tonic sol-fa modulator, dating from the early twentieth... (more)

2308_1_th.jpg 2308_2_th.jpg 2308_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2299)
Great looking 1950s Vintage Head & Exposed Brain Model by... (more)

2299_1_th.jpg 2299_2_th.jpg 2299_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2298)
This is a very rare and unique Vintage Prosthetic Hand made... (more)

2298_1_th.jpg 2298_2_th.jpg 2298_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2297)
A very quirky & fantastic macabre bundle of dolls upper... (more)

2297_1_th.jpg 2297_2_th.jpg 2297_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2281)
A great looking set of original 1970s Tarot Cards made in... (more)

2281_1_th.jpg 2281_2_th.jpg 2281_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2275)
Great display item. Measures 75cms long. (Torso for display... (more)

2275_1_th.jpg 2275_2_th.jpg 2275_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2271)
This is a lovely old piece of Church Glass bearing the... (more)

2271_1_th.jpg 2271_2_th.jpg 2271_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2270)
Quirky Original Old Wooden Desk Sign belonging to a Capt. G... (more)

2270_1_th.jpg 2270_2_th.jpg 2270_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2260)
A delightful old medical set. Old vintage kidney dish plus... (more)

2260_1_th.jpg 2260_2_th.jpg 2260_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2259)
This is a Vintage 1950s Adam Rouilly Anatomy Chart showing... (more)

2259_1_th.jpg 2259_2_th.jpg 2259_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2239)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage General Anatomy No.... (more)

2239_1_th.jpg 2239_2_th.jpg 2239_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2235)
Human Brain Model on original plastic stand. Looks great... (more)

2235_1_th.jpg 2235_2_th.jpg 2235_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2223)
The previous owner of these teeth certainly had their wear... (more)

2223_1_th.jpg 2223_2_th.jpg 2223_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2221)
Very old travelling inkwell from World War 1 period... (more)

2221_1_th.jpg 2221_2_th.jpg 2221_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2220)
This is a rare vintage set of Prosthetic False Eyes. They... (more)

2220_1_th.jpg 2220_2_th.jpg 2220_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2215)
A unique & rare Mahseer Jaws Letter Holder. Presented to... (more)

2215_1_th.jpg 2215_2_th.jpg 2215_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2206)
This is a fine 1930s medical kit specializing in Ear Nose &... (more)

2206_1_th.jpg 2206_2_th.jpg 2206_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2189)
This is a very high quality vintage Somso Dissected Skull... (more)

2189_1_th.jpg 2189_2_th.jpg 2189_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2185)
Taylors Automatic Disinfector Rolyat. It has a screw top... (more)

2185_1_th.jpg 2185_2_th.jpg 2185_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2174)
Vintage African Horns presented on a wooden shield... (more)

2174_1_th.jpg 2174_2_th.jpg 2174_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2172)
Post-mortem photography or mourning portraits were very... (more)

2172_1_th.jpg 2172_2_th.jpg 2172_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2167)
A travelling grooming case fit for any gent. It contains a... (more)

2167_1_th.jpg 2167_2_th.jpg 2167_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2162)
Very tactile old Mannequin Hand with lovely fingers.... (more)

2162_1_th.jpg 2162_2_th.jpg 2162_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2160)
A rare and unique piece of Militaria. A Trench Art Crucifix... (more)

2160_1_th.jpg 2160_2_th.jpg 2160_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2157)
A vintage denture model showing the development of a... (more)

2157_1_th.jpg 2157_2_th.jpg 2157_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2156)
Here at Skinner & Hyde we like to offer items which are far... (more)

2156_1_th.jpg 2156_2_th.jpg 2156_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 2152)
A Vintage Case full of all sorts of gruesome tools and... (more)

2152_1_th.jpg 2152_2_th.jpg 2152_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2151)
This is a lovely old pair of framed engraving showing the... (more)

2151_1_th.jpg 2151_2_th.jpg 2151_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2150)
Beautiful pair of old polychrome wooden church sconces in... (more)

2150_1_th.jpg 2150_2_th.jpg 2150_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2141)
A great looking collection of old Fishing Lures complete... (more)

2141_1_th.jpg 2141_2_th.jpg 2141_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2136)
Partial Denture made for facial reconstruction where... (more)

2136_1_th.jpg 2136_2_th.jpg 2136_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2125)
A wonderful war time duo. A hallmarked Silver ARP Badge... (more)

2125_1_th.jpg 2125_2_th.jpg 2125_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2122)
Perfect for interior design, these are a wonderful pair of... (more)

2122_1_th.jpg 2122_2_th.jpg 2122_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2116)
Partial Denture made for facial reconstruction where... (more)

2116_1_th.jpg 2116_2_th.jpg 2116_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2112)
This is a fine Ostrich Egg displayed on a Vintage New York... (more)

2112_1_th.jpg 2112_2_th.jpg 2112_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2101)
Old wood & plaster French Gilt Frames. Perfect interior... (more)

2101_1_th.jpg 2101_2_th.jpg 2101_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2099)
A great looking pair of Antique Leather Riding Boots... (more)

2099_1_th.jpg 2099_2_th.jpg 2099_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2090)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed wall... (more)

2090_1_th.jpg 2090_2_th.jpg 2090_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2082)
Great looking 1940s St John's Ambulance Study chart showing... (more)

2082_1_th.jpg 2082_2_th.jpg 2082_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2080)
Beautifully mounted old artists Lay Man. He has a split on... (more)

2080_1_th.jpg 2080_2_th.jpg 2080_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2079)
Whether you are a collector of the macabre and unusual or a... (more)

2079_1_th.jpg 2079_2_th.jpg 2079_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2076)
This is an original Amish Hat from America. All hand sewn.... (more)

2076_1_th.jpg 2076_2_th.jpg 2076_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 2065)
A perfect gift for someone who has everything. Here are a... (more)

2065_1_th.jpg 2065_2_th.jpg 2065_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2064)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed Wall... (more)

2064_1_th.jpg 2064_2_th.jpg 2064_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2057)
Old bronze sign for Prudential Assurance Co Ltd. Wooden... (more)

2057_1_th.jpg 2057_2_th.jpg 2057_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2048)
A beautiful collection of vintage Coral pieces under a... (more)

2048_1_th.jpg 2048_2_th.jpg 2048_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2036)
Great looking vintage Rawlings Mineral Water Bottle. Stands... (more)

2036_1_th.jpg 2036_2_th.jpg 2036_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2027)
This is a rare & unique Solid Silver Plaque from the... (more)

2027_1_th.jpg 2027_2_th.jpg 2027_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2024)
Great display item. Large Horse Skull complete with vintage... (more)

2024_1_th.jpg 2024_2_th.jpg 2024_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2009)
Beautiful ornate Mahogany and Brass Stands perfect to... (more)

2009_1_th.jpg 2009_2_th.jpg 2009_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2000)
This is a beautiful Antique Cameroon Carving of what... (more)

2000_1_th.jpg 2000_2_th.jpg 2000_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1996)
This is a great vintage Stamp bearing the initials EJK. Not... (more)

1996_1_th.jpg 1996_2_th.jpg 1996_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1963)
A great looking collection of old Fishing Lures complete... (more)

1963_1_th.jpg 1963_2_th.jpg 1963_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1955)
Quirky interior design piece, a genuine old leather Bike... (more)

1955_1_th.jpg 1955_2_th.jpg 1955_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1953)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage Canvas Backed Wall... (more)

1953_1_th.jpg 1953_2_th.jpg 1953_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1939)
Agent to the Gresham Life Office Funds £9 million.... (more)

1939_1_th.jpg 1939_2_th.jpg 1939_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1930)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage Canvas Backed Wall... (more)

1930_1_th.jpg 1930_2_th.jpg 1930_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1921)
Beautiful Old Mannequin Head. She stands 28cms tall and is... (more)

1921_1_th.jpg 1921_2_th.jpg 1921_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1920)
Old plaster Osteology Anatomy model showing a section of... (more)

1920_1_th.jpg 1920_2_th.jpg 1920_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1919)
A Very Rare and unusual Antique Taxidermy Victorian Crab... (more)

1919_1_th.jpg 1919_2_th.jpg 1919_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1915)
Set of 8 quirky instruments displayed on an old ceramic... (more)

1915_1_th.jpg 1915_2_th.jpg 1915_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1897)
A Vintage Ladies Prosthetic False Finger. Very realistic &... (more)

1897_1_th.jpg 1897_2_th.jpg 1897_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1890)
A very retro & genuine vintage cast metal sign ‘Helga’.... (more)

1890_1_th.jpg 1890_2_th.jpg 1890_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1857)
This is a superbly presented Life-size Medical Human... (more)

1857_1_th.jpg 1857_2_th.jpg 1857_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1855)
Very old & substantial Solid Oak Church Collection Box.... (more)

1855_1_th.jpg 1855_2_th.jpg 1855_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 1848)
This is a vintage pair of Dental Study Models showing the... (more)

1848_1_th.jpg 1848_2_th.jpg 1848_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1844)
Vintage Prosthetic Arm displayed on a solid wooden mount.... (more)

1844_1_th.jpg 1844_2_th.jpg 1844_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1835)
Here we have a Bramber Museum Picture Postcard showing the... (more)

1835_1_th.jpg 1835_2_th.jpg 1835_3_th.jpg
(Medical | ID: 1833)
Two signs for the price of one. This is a double sided Old... (more)

1833_1_th.jpg 1833_2_th.jpg 1833_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1799)
A beautiful Botanical display by Johnston’s New Botany... (more)

1799_1_th.jpg 1799_2_th.jpg 1799_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1780)
Ophidia I. Tropidonotus. Natrix Tab 18. Chart showing the... (more)

1780_1_th.jpg 1780_2_th.jpg 1780_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1773)
Beautiful botanical chart by Druck & Verlag showing the... (more)

1773_1_th.jpg 1773_2_th.jpg 1773_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1770)
Not for the faint hearted! This is a pair of vintage dental... (more)

1770_1_th.jpg 1770_2_th.jpg 1770_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1748)
This is a fine & very old pull down German study chart of... (more)

1748_1_th.jpg 1748_2_th.jpg 1748_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1746)
Standing at 111cms tall he is a very old Antique Mannequin... (more)

1746_1_th.jpg 1746_2_th.jpg 1746_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1724)
Very old Etching entitled The Lords Prayer, Belief & The... (more)

1724_1_th.jpg 1724_2_th.jpg 1724_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1721)
This is a very rare study item showing a comparative... (more)

1721_1_th.jpg 1721_2_th.jpg 1721_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1703)
Superb & rare vintage Cockroach Study [Periplaneta... (more)

1703_1_th.jpg 1703_2_th.jpg 1703_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1687)
This is a morbidly fascinating set of 100 vintage 35mm... (more)

1687_1_th.jpg 1687_2_th.jpg 1687_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1624)
A quirky set of Vintage Shoe Forms made by J Sears & Co.... (more)

1624_1_th.jpg 1624_2_th.jpg 1624_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1598)
Very rare Vintage dentoform Dental Model which shows a set... (more)

1598_1_th.jpg 1598_2_th.jpg 1598_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1585)
This is a very large Otter Paw mounted in Brass with a... (more)

1585_1_th.jpg 1585_2_th.jpg 1585_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1583)
Vintage 1960’s original Hiatt Police Handcuffs complete... (more)

1583_1_th.jpg 1583_2_th.jpg 1583_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1558)
Victorian French Pen Holder dated 1848. Mounted on a heavy... (more)

1558_1_th.jpg 1558_2_th.jpg 1558_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1548)
A great looking industrial Bus Chock stamped ‘Midland... (more)

1548_1_th.jpg 1548_2_th.jpg 1548_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1546)
Bring a bit of nostalgia to your collection with this great... (more)

1546_1_th.jpg 1546_2_th.jpg 1546_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1527)
Vintage Mortar Board Hat by W&G Taylor of Cambridge. Size... (more)

1527_1_th.jpg 1527_2_th.jpg 1527_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1491)
A great set of original vintage Keeler watchmakers Loupe... (more)

1491_1_th.jpg 1491_2_th.jpg 1491_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1471)
This is a fine Barristers Wig complete with Bespoke Oak &... (more)

1471_1_th.jpg 1471_2_th.jpg 1471_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1467)
Here we have a great trio of very old light bulbs mounted... (more)

1467_1_th.jpg 1467_2_th.jpg 1467_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1408)
The maniple is a liturgical vestment worn from the left arm... (more)

1408_1_th.jpg 1408_2_th.jpg 1408_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1371)
Rare Antique coffin plaque reads "Elisha Caleb Cary, AGED... (more)

1371_1_th.jpg 1371_2_th.jpg 1371_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1349)
This is a fine presentation mallet awarded to a Mr G Ralph... (more)

1349_1_th.jpg 1349_2_th.jpg 1349_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1326)
This is a stunning Ivory Page Turner mounted in Silver.... (more)

1326_1_th.jpg 1326_2_th.jpg 1326_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1202)
These are a fine set of vintage Fallow Deer Horns. Shield... (more)

1202_1_th.jpg 1202_2_th.jpg 1202_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1191)
Dating from late 19th Century, circa 1890 these are a... (more)

1191_1_th.jpg 1191_2_th.jpg 1191_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1165)
For my next trick.... I first thought that this was a... (more)

1165_1_th.jpg 1165_2_th.jpg 1165_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1133)
For those of you wanting to indulge in a little bit of good... (more)

1133_1_th.jpg 1133_2_th.jpg 1133_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1119)
This is a fine Antique Otter Paw Letter Opener. It is... (more)

1119_1_th.jpg 1119_2_th.jpg 1119_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1112)
A very rare & extremely collectable Georgian Papier Mache... (more)

1112_1_th.jpg 1112_2_th.jpg 1112_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1102)
Vintage St Johns Ambulance canvas backed Chart showing... (more)

1102_1_th.jpg 1102_2_th.jpg 1102_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1100)
Vintage St John's Ambulance Anatomical Chart. Measures 63cm... (more)

1100_1_th.jpg 1100_2_th.jpg 1100_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 1094)
A very unusual Prosthetic Hand. This would have been made... (more)

1094_1_th.jpg 1094_2_th.jpg 1094_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 962)
Vintage T Gerrard & Co oversize Anatomy model of Human... (more)

962_1_th.jpg 962_2_th.jpg 962_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 814)
Rare German Medical Chart entitled "Tuberkulose" from the... (more)

814_1_th.jpg 814_2_th.jpg 814_3_th.jpg

(Medical | ID: 609)
Superb looking Vintage Adam Rouilly Chart showing Foetal... (more)

609_1_th.jpg 609_2_th.jpg 609_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 504)
Very Striking early 20th Century German Anatomy Chart... (more)

504_1_th.jpg 504_2_th.jpg 504_3_th.jpg