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(Taxidermy | ID: 2469)
Gentlemen’s Library Taxidermy, a George V deer hoof... (more)

2469_1_th.jpg 2469_2_th.jpg 2469_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2428)
Antique beautifully mounted Zebra Tail. Plaque measures 33... (more)

2428_1_th.jpg 2428_2_th.jpg 2428_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2423)
This is a stunning example of a Roe Deer Head in Full... (more)

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(Taxidermy | ID: 2422)
An antique fishy Pair for your curiosity cabinet. They... (more)

2422_1_th.jpg 2422_2_th.jpg 2422_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2414)
This rather hairy Victorian Armadillo Basket could be used... (more)

2414_1_th.jpg 2414_2_th.jpg 2414_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2413)
Quirky old bug in a glass display case measuring 11 x 6 x... (more)

2413_1_th.jpg 2413_2_th.jpg 2413_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2409)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2409_1_th.jpg 2409_2_th.jpg 2409_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2407)
Vintage Bramber Museum Vintage Picture Postcard. Measures... (more)

2407_1_th.jpg 2407_2_th.jpg 2407_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2379)
This is a really sweet & tiny Anthropomorphic Squirrel.... (more)

2379_1_th.jpg 2379_2_th.jpg 2379_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2368)
This is a stunning young Taxidermy Beagle. He stands 37cms... (more)

2368_1_th.jpg 2368_2_th.jpg 2368_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2341)
Beautiful and rare Taxidermy Husky Pup. In perfect... (more)

2341_1_th.jpg 2341_2_th.jpg 2341_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2339)
A vintage study box by Philip Harris Biological Ltd of the... (more)

2339_1_th.jpg 2339_2_th.jpg 2339_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2336)
Here we have an original old Bramber Postcard which shows... (more)

2336_1_th.jpg 2336_2_th.jpg 2336_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2330)
We are proud to offer from our private collection, NUTTY,... (more)

2330_1_th.jpg 2330_2_th.jpg 2330_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2319)
A delightful pair of Mounted Boar Hooves, ideal for your... (more)

2319_1_th.jpg 2319_2_th.jpg 2319_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2315)
Young Taxidermy Dog in a natural lying pose. Measures 52cms... (more)

2315_1_th.jpg 2315_2_th.jpg 2315_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2292)
See how they run…a trio of beautiful Taxidermy White... (more)

2292_1_th.jpg 2292_2_th.jpg 2292_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2289)
A great looking trio of Roe Deer Horns perfect to display... (more)

2289_1_th.jpg 2289_2_th.jpg 2289_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2283)
Very well presented & ideal for stage and theatre props or... (more)

2283_1_th.jpg 2283_2_th.jpg 2283_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2282)
A beautiful & perfect small white taxidermy mouse. She... (more)

2282_1_th.jpg 2282_2_th.jpg 2282_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2280)
This is a very old & very sweet Taxidermy Armadillo mounted... (more)

2280_1_th.jpg 2280_2_th.jpg 2280_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2269)
This is a superb study of a Death’s-Head Hawkmoth... (more)

2269_1_th.jpg 2269_2_th.jpg 2269_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2255)
Old Museum Skin Study of a Lesser Yellowlegs. Measures... (more)

2255_1_th.jpg 2255_2_th.jpg 2255_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2165)
Beautifully presented Warthog Skull. Very large skull.... (more)

2165_1_th.jpg 2165_2_th.jpg 2165_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2159)
This is the finest Taxidermy Rat I have ever seen. I have... (more)

2159_1_th.jpg 2159_2_th.jpg 2159_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 2155)
Antique Wire Mouse Trap complete with Taxidermy Mouse. The... (more)

2155_1_th.jpg 2155_2_th.jpg 2155_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2142)
Superb looking Taxidermy Racing Pigeon. Stands 25cms tall.... (more)

2142_1_th.jpg 2142_2_th.jpg 2142_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2024)
Great display item. Large Horse Skull complete with vintage... (more)

2024_1_th.jpg 2024_2_th.jpg 2024_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 2008)
Fantastic Trophy displaying a Rare set of Deformed Bushbuck... (more)

2008_1_th.jpg 2008_2_th.jpg 2008_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1985)
Quirky & rare framed photo of an old Taxidermy... (more)

1985_1_th.jpg 1985_2_th.jpg 1985_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1971)
Beautiful contemporary interior design piece. Old & full of... (more)

1971_1_th.jpg 1971_2_th.jpg 1971_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1934)
A very old Victorian Armadillo Basket presented on a wood &... (more)

1934_1_th.jpg 1934_2_th.jpg 1934_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1933)
A perfect gift for any miserable old toad. This charming... (more)

1933_1_th.jpg 1933_2_th.jpg 1933_3_th.jpg
(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1919)
A Very Rare and unusual Antique Taxidermy Victorian Crab... (more)

1919_1_th.jpg 1919_2_th.jpg 1919_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1888)
Antique 1938 mounted Taxidermy Fox Paw by P. Spicer & Sons.... (more)

1888_1_th.jpg 1888_2_th.jpg 1888_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1883)
A rare example of a nine banded Armadillo. This is a very... (more)

1883_1_th.jpg 1883_2_th.jpg 1883_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1877)
Absolutely stunning Antique Late 19th Century Taxidermy... (more)

1877_1_th.jpg 1877_2_th.jpg 1877_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1875)
I don’t normally risk listing my pickled specimens but... (more)

1875_1_th.jpg 1875_2_th.jpg 1875_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1856)
A rare example of a large taxidermy horse tail. The tail... (more)

1856_1_th.jpg 1856_2_th.jpg 1856_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1842)
A delightful holder for matches or toothpicks. Would look... (more)

1842_1_th.jpg 1842_2_th.jpg 1842_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1835)
Here we have a Bramber Museum Picture Postcard showing the... (more)

1835_1_th.jpg 1835_2_th.jpg 1835_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1828)
Here we have a Bramber Museum Picture Postcard showing the... (more)

1828_1_th.jpg 1828_2_th.jpg 1828_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1754)
Old Fish Trophy Head. Shield measures 23 x 17cms & he... (more)

1754_1_th.jpg 1754_2_th.jpg 1754_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1732)
A beautifully mounted weird & wonderful insect in... (more)

1732_1_th.jpg 1732_2_th.jpg 1732_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1703)
Superb & rare vintage Cockroach Study [Periplaneta... (more)

1703_1_th.jpg 1703_2_th.jpg 1703_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1683)
This gent is very old and showing an abundance of age.... (more)

1683_1_th.jpg 1683_2_th.jpg 1683_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1663)
This is a rare female Roe Deer Doe with no horns. She... (more)

1663_1_th.jpg 1663_2_th.jpg 1663_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1594)
A fine pair of old original Post Cards of Taxidermy... (more)

1594_1_th.jpg 1594_2_th.jpg 1594_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1591)
From a Victorian Ashtray to Steam Punk Curiosity, this... (more)

1591_1_th.jpg 1591_2_th.jpg 1591_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1582)
Great looking taxidermy mounted Fish Head. Fierce looking &... (more)

1582_1_th.jpg 1582_2_th.jpg 1582_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1571)
A beautiful set of Antique Eland Horns & partial skull.... (more)

1571_1_th.jpg 1571_2_th.jpg 1571_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1569)
A beautiful Taxidermy Budgie mounted on a wooden ebonized... (more)

1569_1_th.jpg 1569_2_th.jpg 1569_3_th.jpg

(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1558)
Victorian French Pen Holder dated 1848. Mounted on a heavy... (more)

1558_1_th.jpg 1558_2_th.jpg 1558_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1536)
This is a very old WW1 mounted Horse Hoof. An enormous... (more)

1536_1_th.jpg 1536_2_th.jpg 1536_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1522)
A very large ostrich Egg measuring 14cms long. (hand & bird... (more)

1522_1_th.jpg 1522_2_th.jpg 1522_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1356)
A gruesome looking small fish head. Wooden shield measures... (more)

1356_1_th.jpg 1356_2_th.jpg 1356_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1352)
Beautiful Otter Rudder measuring an enormous 46cms long.... (more)

1352_1_th.jpg 1352_2_th.jpg 1352_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1326)
This is a stunning Ivory Page Turner mounted in Silver.... (more)

1326_1_th.jpg 1326_2_th.jpg 1326_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1283)
Back in the olden days the gentry liked a spot of expensive... (more)

1283_1_th.jpg 1283_2_th.jpg 1283_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1273)
This large & impressive Horse Hoof Candlestick has been... (more)

1273_1_th.jpg 1273_2_th.jpg 1273_3_th.jpg
(Taxidermy | ID: 1270)
This is a very rare & highly collectable Paper-knife... (more)

1270_1_th.jpg 1270_2_th.jpg 1270_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1248)
An ideal quirky feature for your kitchen or hallway, this... (more)

1248_1_th.jpg 1248_2_th.jpg 1248_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1204)
This is a very rare pair of stereoview cards depicting the... (more)

1204_1_th.jpg 1204_2_th.jpg 1204_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1119)
This is a fine Antique Otter Paw Letter Opener. It is... (more)

1119_1_th.jpg 1119_2_th.jpg 1119_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 1110)
Rare Old Czech Anatomy Chart showing the comparisons of... (more)

1110_1_th.jpg 1110_2_th.jpg 1110_3_th.jpg

(Taxidermy | ID: 758)
Here we have an original old Bramber Museum No 408 Picture... (more)

758_1_th.jpg 758_2_th.jpg 758_3_th.jpg