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(Bones | ID: 2897)
Very rare Victorian Doctors Desk Inkwell Set. Made from a... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2896)
This is a real bone mounted Sacrum study. It stands 20cms... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2890)
Superb Real Bone Pigeon Skeleton encased in clear Lucite to... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2885)
Fully Articulated Real Bone Medical Skeletal Foot prepared... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2882)
Old Wooden Case with various old Medical Bones. These are... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2880)
This is a real bone mounted knee joint study. It stands... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2836)
Excellent quality Vintage Male Skull Model by makers Adam... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2834)
Fully Articulated Real Bone Medical Skeletal Hand prepared... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2832)
This is a really old cast metal plaque which says DISABLED.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2831)
This is a superb example of a real bone Human Medical Skull... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2820)
Lovely old Osteology Skeletal Print plate dating from... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2816)
Lovely old Osteology Skeletal Print plate dating from... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2813)
Quirky collection of real Equestrian Mounted Horse Teeth.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2801)
Real Bone Human Half Pelvis & Partial Femur Bone mounted to... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2791)
Fantastic looking old Medical Articulated Spine & Pelvis... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2783)
Fully Articulated Antique Rouilly Real Human Skeleton. He... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2776)
This is a beautifully mounted Antique Relic Skull Fragment.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2755)
Real Human Scapula Bone mounted on cast laboratory base.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2735)
This is a very quirky real human femur bone complete with... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2727)
Great looking model of the Lumbar Spine. L1 Vertebra... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2722)
This is a very quirky real human femur bone complete with... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2720)
Not something you see every day. This is a highly... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2711)
Huge Rare Mammoth Bone on contemporary wooden mount. There... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2692)
An original piece by Matthew Healey. A one off handmade... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2672)
Great looking old Articulated Spine Model mounted on wooden... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2662)
Quirky mounted Old Skeletal Foot Model. Complete with old... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2653)
A complete Medical Human Half Male Skeleton complete with... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2609)
This is a very good quality Human Skeletal Hand Model. Hard... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2595)
A superb Antique Medical Study Human Skull displayed on a... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2477)
The Ages of the Horse from 6 years to Extreme Old Age by... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2472)
A great looking Human Half Skeleton for medical study. It... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2435)
Bison Limb Bone [Bison Priscus] found at Brown Bank, North... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2340)
This is a truly superb life size Vintage Human Skeleton... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2329)
This is one of my favourite items ever, a miniature 19th... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2318)
These are a set of very macabre and unusual Roe Horns where... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 2311)
Old Vintage Betting Shop / Races Poster in original Frame.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2201)
A good selection of small mammal bones. Two jars filled... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2189)
This is a very high quality vintage Somso Dissected Skull... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2174)
Vintage African Horns presented on a wooden shield... (more)

2174_1_th.jpg 2174_2_th.jpg 2174_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 2165)
Beautifully presented Warthog Skull. Very large skull.... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2107)
Antique Large Boar Skull superbly mounted on impressive... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2090)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed wall... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2064)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed Wall... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 2024)
Great display item. Large Horse Skull complete with vintage... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1988)
Old classroom study skeleton of a Pigeon. It is in... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1974)
A very rare & beautifully presented Diseased Dog Skull. The... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1944)
A Fantastic looking old study chart by W & A.K Johnston’s... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1924)
Very old mounted Horns bearing a bone plaque reading Cape... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1910)
Very quirky study showing a mounted real Cow Leg & Hooves.... (more)

1910_1_th.jpg 1910_2_th.jpg 1910_3_th.jpg

(Bones | ID: 1721)
This is a very rare study item showing a comparative... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1715)
Make your skull stand out with one of our beautiful bespoke... (more)

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(Bones | ID: 1225)
Great looking old rare study chart and one from our own... (more)

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(Antique And Vintage | ID: 1191)
Dating from late 19th Century, circa 1890 these are a... (more)

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