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(Anatomical | ID: 2468)
This is a very old oversize vulcanized rubber Anatomical... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2458)
Antique Philips Popular Manikin or Model of the Human Body.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2446)
A superb top quality Somso Rouilly Skull Model in pristine... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2433)
Very rare MILEX Demo Model showing the Travel of Egg from... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2411)
Vintage Rubber Human Torso model. Desktop size measuring... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2405)
Plastination is a technique or process used in anatomy to... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2366)
Very early Plaster Ear Model. Base measures 30 x 16cms and... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2356)
Very quirky plaster Skull Model originating from Russia.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2349)
This is a rare and very early Adam Rouilly wall mounted... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2345)
For those of you with a Big Heart, this superb Vintage... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2340)
This is a truly superb life size Vintage Human Skeleton... (more)

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(Taxidermy | ID: 2330)
We are proud to offer from our private collection, NUTTY,... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2327)
A perfect gift for a bodybuilder or collector of top... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2325)
This is an outstanding bespoke model based around a late... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2316)
A stunning & beautifully mounted Vintage Adam Rouilly Base... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2307)
A very early Somso Human Torso Model. Made from plaster and... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2304)
Rouilly Earthworm Model [Lumbricus terrestris], enlarged 25... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2301)
Quirky Model of a 1st Upper Molar Tooth with 3 Roots.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2299)
Great looking 1950s Vintage Head & Exposed Brain Model by... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2288)
Great looking Vintage Full Dental Brace plus plaster cast... (more)

2288_1_th.jpg 2288_2_th.jpg 2288_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2276)
A little something out of the ordinary. This is a 12 week... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2259)
This is a Vintage 1950s Adam Rouilly Anatomy Chart showing... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2187)
Highly unusual and extremely macabre looking model that was... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2186)
Straight out of my own cabinet of wonders. Extremely... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2183)
Rare Antique Life-size Plaster Half Torso Anatomy Model.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2157)
A vintage denture model showing the development of a... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2133)
A stunning early plaster Model of an oversized Rabbit Brain... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2124)
This is a very rare Lucite Study Model containing a Real... (more)

2124_1_th.jpg 2124_2_th.jpg 2124_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2111)
Old plaster model of an Animal Brain (possibly a rabbit or... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2093)
Very nice example of an Antique Anatomical oversized Ear... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2075)
Great looking Vintage Brain Model on Base. Perfect gift for... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2054)
This is a great Anatomical Chart by Adam Rouilly. This old... (more)

2054_1_th.jpg 2054_2_th.jpg 2054_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2042)
A rare dissected eye of a mammal preserved in lucite for... (more)

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(Medical | ID: 2025)
One is a solid Metal 1940s Anesthetic Face Mask which is... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1953)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage Canvas Backed Wall... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1946)
An extremely rare German Museum Display Bas Relief Medical... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1945)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage General Anatomy... (more)

1945_1_th.jpg 1945_2_th.jpg 1945_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 1930)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage Canvas Backed Wall... (more)

1930_1_th.jpg 1930_2_th.jpg 1930_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1928)
This is an extremely rare German Museum Display Bas Relief... (more)

1928_1_th.jpg 1928_2_th.jpg 1928_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1926)
A beautiful old chart which would make a perfect love gift.... (more)

1926_1_th.jpg 1926_2_th.jpg 1926_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1920)
Old plaster Osteology Anatomy model showing a section of... (more)

1920_1_th.jpg 1920_2_th.jpg 1920_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1917)
This is an amazing American Frohse Anatomical Chart by Adam... (more)

1917_1_th.jpg 1917_2_th.jpg 1917_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 1901)
This is a very old Adam Rouilly Denoyer-Geppert Anatomy... (more)

1901_1_th.jpg 1901_2_th.jpg 1901_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1863)
A gruesome looking diseased hand model once used as a... (more)

1863_1_th.jpg 1863_2_th.jpg 1863_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1606)
Resin Anatomical Foot Model for study or display. Measures... (more)

1606_1_th.jpg 1606_2_th.jpg 1606_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1521)
Very rare Human Hip Model made from hand painted vulcanized... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1220)
This is superb looking old Somso / Rouilly Human Eye Model.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1102)
Vintage St Johns Ambulance canvas backed Chart showing... (more)

1102_1_th.jpg 1102_2_th.jpg 1102_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1100)
Vintage St John's Ambulance Anatomical Chart. Measures 63cm... (more)

1100_1_th.jpg 1100_2_th.jpg 1100_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1017)
Full size Adam Rouilly Human skeleton Leg model made for... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 609)
Superb looking Vintage Adam Rouilly Chart showing Foetal... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 504)
Very Striking early 20th Century German Anatomy Chart... (more)

504_1_th.jpg 504_2_th.jpg 504_3_th.jpg