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(Anatomical | ID: 2898)
Great looking Fish Dissection. Real Fish encased in clear... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2895)
Vintage 1960s Medical Chart showing Female Reproductive.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2891)
Beautifully presented Human Lungs with Heart, Diaphragm &... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2888)
A beautiful piece of art that would be a real talking point... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2856)
This is great looking Vintage Life-size Human Skull Model... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2799)
Vintage Life size Brain Model. The two top sections dissect... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2743)
This is a very rare 1960s oversized lifelike model of a... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2742)
Stunning half flesh and half anatomical dissection model.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2725)
Beautifully mounted Rouilly Model showing the Median... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2724)
Beautifully mounted Rouilly Model showing the Frontal... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2717)
This is an unusual and rare Anatomical Model of a Cows... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2693)
This is a stunning example of a life-size Anatomical Torso... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2667)
Add a bit of strange to your medical collectables. This is... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2661)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage canvas backed Wall... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2660)
Great looking Vintage Rouilly Leg Model showing the Muscles... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2632)
Rare vintage prosthetic made for a male patient with three... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2608)
Fascinating Antique Museum Wax Moulage showing the cut... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2561)
This superb looking Vintage Study Chart would look... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2526)
This superb looking Vintage Study Chart would look... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2520)
Very striking oversized Vintage Anatomy Eye Model. Wooden... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2518)
This is an outstanding bespoke model of a Trephine Clamp... (more)

2518_1_th.jpg 2518_2_th.jpg 2518_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2516)
This is a very rare 1960s oversized lifelike model of a... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2500)
Old study School Chart Elementary Physiology Robert E.... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2499)
Great looking Vintage Anatomy Model by the Nystrom... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2497)
This is an outstanding bespoke model based around a late... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2366)
Very early Plaster Ear Model. Base measures 30 x 16cms and... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 2340)
This is a truly superb life size Vintage Human Skeleton... (more)

2340_1_th.jpg 2340_2_th.jpg 2340_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2338)
A superb example of a Victorian Wax Head Moulage. Mounted... (more)

2338_1_th.jpg 2338_2_th.jpg 2338_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2307)
A very early Somso Human Torso Model. Made from plaster and... (more)

2307_1_th.jpg 2307_2_th.jpg 2307_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2259)
This is a Vintage 1950s Adam Rouilly Anatomy Chart showing... (more)

2259_1_th.jpg 2259_2_th.jpg 2259_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2187)
Highly unusual and extremely macabre looking model that was... (more)

2187_1_th.jpg 2187_2_th.jpg 2187_3_th.jpg
(Anatomical | ID: 2183)
Rare Antique Life-size Plaster Half Torso Anatomy Model.... (more)

2183_1_th.jpg 2183_2_th.jpg 2183_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2157)
A vintage denture model showing the development of a... (more)

2157_1_th.jpg 2157_2_th.jpg 2157_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2133)
A stunning early plaster Model of an oversized Rabbit Brain... (more)

2133_1_th.jpg 2133_2_th.jpg 2133_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2111)
Old plaster model of an Animal Brain (possibly a rabbit or... (more)

2111_1_th.jpg 2111_2_th.jpg 2111_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 2054)
This is a great Anatomical Chart by Adam Rouilly. This old... (more)

2054_1_th.jpg 2054_2_th.jpg 2054_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1953)
St John's Ambulance Association Vintage Canvas Backed Wall... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 1946)
An extremely rare German Museum Display Bas Relief Medical... (more)

1946_1_th.jpg 1946_2_th.jpg 1946_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1920)
Old plaster Osteology Anatomy model showing a section of... (more)

1920_1_th.jpg 1920_2_th.jpg 1920_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1901)
This is a very old Adam Rouilly Denoyer-Geppert Anatomy... (more)

1901_1_th.jpg 1901_2_th.jpg 1901_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1863)
A gruesome looking diseased hand model once used as a... (more)

1863_1_th.jpg 1863_2_th.jpg 1863_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1606)
Resin Anatomical Foot Model for study or display. Measures... (more)

1606_1_th.jpg 1606_2_th.jpg 1606_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1521)
Very rare Human Hip Model made from hand painted vulcanized... (more)

1521_1_th.jpg 1521_2_th.jpg 1521_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1110)
Rare Old Czech Anatomy Chart showing the comparisons of... (more)

1110_1_th.jpg 1110_2_th.jpg 1110_3_th.jpg

(Anatomical | ID: 1100)
Vintage St John's Ambulance Anatomical Chart. Measures 63cm... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 962)
Vintage T Gerrard & Co oversize Anatomy model of Human... (more)

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(Anatomical | ID: 504)
Very Striking early 20th Century German Anatomy Chart... (more)

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