Mounted Mammoth Bone

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Huge Rare Mammoth Bone on contemporary wooden mount. There is a faded French Museum label on the back of the bone that says Omoplate de Mammoth which translates to Scapula of Mammoth. The bone is only a partial Shoulder Blade but the sheer size of it is breathtaking. This is an item from our own collection and I loathe to part with it but we simply do not have the room to display it to its full potential. The bone, from the Pleistocene period is estimated to age from 150,000 to 20,000 years old. It measures at a massive 83cms tall and is approx. 32cms wide. It is extremely heavy as the bone is fossilized so price included shipping to the UK only. A truly unique display piece. The bone removes from the base for safe transit.

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