The Trephine Clamp

Item ID: 2598 | Category: Bones

This is an outstanding bespoke model of a Trephine Clamp based on a 19th century example. Trephining, also known as trepanning or trepanation is a surgical procedure where a hole is drilled into the human skull to relieve pressure beneath the skulls surface. In ancient times, holes were drilled into a person who was behaving in an abnormal manner, these holes were believed to cure migraines, epilepsy and mental disorders. Trepanation was primitive emergency surgery after head wounds to remove shattered bits of bone from a fractured skull and clean out the blood that often pools under the skull after a blow to the head. This is one of a very small number created by the very talented artist that bought you The Craniometer. Each Trephine Clamp is unique, this one comes complete with a fixed full size human resin skull and stands 48cms high. The Base of the stand measures 9 x 9cms. An Awesome and truly bespoke display piece for the serious collector.

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