Museum Tussauds Head

Item ID: 2562 | Category: Antique And Vintage

This is a quirky Head once used in a Tussauds style museum. I’m not sure who he was but he is a cross between a Psycho Killer (ever seen the locker sniffer in the Bodyguard film) and Colonel Mustard (who he’s fondly known as). A head from my own collection, he has been mounted on a bespoke wooden stand and is approx. 36cms tall. He’s not wax, probably some sort of resin and has amazing glass eyes, his wig could possibly be removed and replaced but it rather suits him. A fabulous collector’s piece. His retro thick lensed glasses are included.

15109322431DSCN7386.JPG 15109322432DSCN7391.JPG 15109322433DSCN7387.JPG