Life-size Vintage Skeleton with Organs

Item ID: 2340 | Category: Anatomical

This is a truly superb life size Vintage Human Skeleton Model complete with removable inner organs made by The Medical Plastics Lab, Gatesville, Texas. Right side of the Skeleton is hand-painted and lettered to show Muscle origins and insertions. Skull features removable Calvarium cap for Neurocranial studies. Skull also features breakaway Maxilla revealing Paranasal Sinuses supported by spring-mounted detachable Mandible. Bones of one hand and one foot on opposite sides articulated with springs for joint flexibility. Both Hips Disarticulate with ball and socket joint. Deluxe pelvis hinged and sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings out 45°. It has removable organs for further study including two-part Brain, Lungs, Heart (coronally sectioned), Small Intestine, Colon and Mesentery, Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Kidney (one kidney coronary sectioned) and Spleen. The skull cap has an old repair and he has a few broken top teeth but nothing that really detracts. He has a very nice aged natural vintage patina to the bones making him look very realistic. It is extremely heavy when loaded with all its inner organs so is best mounted from a ceiling or wall bracket rather than a stand, he has a hanging hook from the top of the skull. Superb item for study, these retail in the States for just under $5k. For a display with a difference I prefer him without his stomach & intestines as he looks very full with them in and very macabre and ‘gutted’ without…Superb!. International shipping will cost an additional £75 due to size and weight.

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