Rare German Silver Nazi Candlestick

Item ID: 2017 | Category: Antique And Vintage

This is an ultra rare historic Candlestick in German silver showing Adolph Hitler Formal Pattern. The Bruckmann pattern presentation silver, with cast, rolled, or appliquéd monograms has been documented as being in many of Hitler's residences and offices. This pattern appears to have been used by the firms of Bruckmann and FHW exclusively. The monogram features a National Eagle, with the wings folded and displayed. In the talons of the eagle, there is a wreath with a swastika. On each side of the wreath are the initials AH. There were many pieces made using this particular pattern of silver (mainly cutlery) which surfaced from all over Germany at the end of the war. It was apparently used wherever Hitler maintained a regular residence or offices where he might be called upon to entertain guests of the State.rnThese items are extremely rare now and near impossible to get hold of, a candlestick amongst the most sought after. If you want to research this further please see the website “Snyders Treasures” where such formal pattern items are well documented. The photos show the FHW Hallmark showing a 925 silver content and the crescent moon and crown Reichsmark, exactly as it should be. It stands 10cms high with the base being 10.5cms in diameter. This item possesses an aura, Hyde has owned it for many years and it is the last piece to be sold from his private collection. It will be carefully packaged & sent tracked & fully insured.

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