Ship Ahoy

Item ID: 1620 | Category: Taxidermy

This is a very charming & unique piece of quality taxidermy. Mounted on a genuine antique military telescope, this friendly looking Seagull looks to be doing a spot of boat watching. The telescope [which is now only for display & cannot be used] is a fine & very early scout regiment telescope adopted by the British Army in 1939. This one is engraved 'TEL. SCT. REGTS. MK. II s, Broadhurst Clarkson & Co 1940 on the first draw, it also has the military arrow. The whole piece is displayed on a bespoke mahogany stand (which can be removed for safe postage). It measures 71cms high and the length of the telescope is 44cms. Is this a stunning & one off piece of taxidermy …Aye Aye Captain. This item is currently on display in Odeon Antiques. Please contact us to reserve this item before purchase.

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