Antique Tonsil Guillotine

Item ID: 1363 | Category: Medical

Beautifully presented rather gruesome & macabre looking Tonsil Guillotine by Ferris & Company, Surgical Instrument Makers, Bristol. Ferris & Co, Bristol was founded by Dr. Tilladam in 1770 as a pharmaceutical house. Ferris and Co. received a royal warrants as Chemists in the 1830s from King William IV, which was renewed in 1840 by Queen Victoria. This design of tonsil guillotine was modified in 1828 by physician Philip Syng Physick(good name!) for removal of the human uvula and was the standard instrument used for more than 80 years. This one dates from around 1860. It is in superb condition given its age & is still very sharp and caution should be used when handling. (Sold for display purposes only and not for use on your tonsils or other body parts) Box measures 28 x 7cms. A fine medical collectable.

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