Vintage Operating Spectacles in Original Box

Item ID: 1155 | Category: Medical

This is a fine & rare pair of vintage operating spectacles made by G.Davis Keeler 47 Wigmore St. There are two square lenses, which are in surprizingly good condition given their age. Only one of the round lenses has succumbed to a little aging & has a couple of "scallops" to the edge. They are still very useable {maybe not for an operation but you have a family member with something in their eye, these are perfect}. They look fantastic when displayed on a head of some sort, my Miss Plant wax head kindly agreed to model these for a picture. They come complete with their original blue satin & velvet lined box marked 'THE KEELER OPERATING SPECTACLE'.

13962010721029.JPG 13962010722032.JPG 13962010723030.JPG